ProfiTrace EDU – Educational version
Price: SAR 300,- per set

ProfiTrace EDU is a special edition of the famous ProfiTrace bus analyzer for technical schools and students.

ProfiTrace EDU – Educational version

ProfiTrace EDU is a simplified version of ProfiTrace 1 which is suitable for educational work and perfectly closes the gap between the lab and the factory floor.

The educational version of ProfiTrace is a real PROFIBUS promoter. Students and instructors can see what is happening on the bus cable to fully understand industrial data communication.

Product features

Limitations against ProfiTrace 2

  • Bus analyzer only (No electrical measurements)
  • After 30 minutes running a restart is required
  • Max. 10000 messages can be recorded
  • Max. 30 GSD files
  • No PA Probe support
  • No longtime recording / file recording
  • No Plugins

Conditions for this product

  • Shipping costs have to be paid by the customer
  • Max. 1 unit can be purchased by individuals
  •  Individuals have to pay in advance
  •  Email address has to be registered
  • Reselling is not allowed
  • No discount possible
  • No support
Products Price Order code Remarks
ProfiTrace EDU € 300,- per set 101-00401A Delivered with ProfiCore 1 and USB cable
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