ProfiScript – PROFIBUS Certification Tool
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ProfiScript is a low cost professional PROFIBUS pre-certification tool that can test and verify the complete protocol functionality of DP, DP-V1 and PA devices.

ProfiScript – PROFIBUS Certification Tool

It has enormous flexibility and is very easy to use. At this moment it is the only tool available, which can power-up/down devices by an external intelligent power switch and has the capability of remote testing over the Internet. An implemented syntax interpreter can also test the GSD file.

Application areas

  • Product certification (Real Testlab Tool).
  • Pre-conformance testing.
  • Product development.
  • Test-system for production verification.

This is the tool that will save you time and money during your PROFIBUS development and pre-certification phase, because we are also using this tool in our testlab!

Product features
  • Works on PCs with a ProfiCore attached to the USB port
  • Supported operating systems: Win98(SE), Win2000, WinXP.
  • Language: English.

Script details

  • Pre-built scripts for DP and DP-V1 (test cases according to IEC 61158).
  • Quick and easy iteration of a testscript (including user commands).
  • Backward compatible with the old Siemens based test scripts.
  • Selectable timestamping, details and framecount.
  • Partial test (only a specified portion of the testcase).
  • Dynamically settable delays of individual messages.

GSD file interpreter

  • Visual configuration of the script settings by an internal GSD interpreter.
  • Automatic setup of the slave settings for a test. 
  • Checking for common errors.
  •  Direct visibility of the parameter and configuration data in hex codes.


  • Manual sending of messages (Set Parameters, Set Slave Address, Get Diagnostics, etc.).
  • Save/Export results in RTF format.
  • Integrated help functions.
  • Remote access by means of TCP/IP.
  • Automatic power down/up of slaves with the Intelligent Power Switch (option). 


  •  Full speed USB interface.
  •  PROFIBUS baudrate max. 12 Mbps.
  • Galvanic isolated PROFIBUS Interface.
  •  Latest RS 485 technology.
  •  Trigger output port for oscilloscopes (message capturing).
  • Communication processor can be used by other applications.

Power Switch

  • Maximum 250 V – 3 A.
  • Can switch device power, PA bus or device I/O.
  • 8 Switches on the Power Switch.
  • The RS 232 port of the PC connects the Power Switch to ProfiScript.
  • The switches are controlled by the scripts.
Products Price Order code Remarks
ProfiScript + ProfiCore Contact us 33020 CD-ROM with ProfiScript, ProfiCore and USB cable (hardware and software)..
Intelligent Power Switch Contact us 15010 Delivered with serial cable.

You still need a certification at an accredited testlab to get international recognition even if you get good results in the software!

No support for the ProfiCore 1.

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