ProfiHub A5 – 5 Channel PROFIBUS DP Repeater
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ProfiHub A5 is a robust network component for PROFIBUS DP installations. It enables long multi-device spur lines and backbone structures with star/tree segments in IP 65 applications.

ProfiHub A5 – 5 Channel PROFIBUS DP Repeater

PROFIBUS DP is a high-speed communication bus that has to comply with strict rules concerning spur lines and star networks. The ProfiHub A5 is a perfect economic solution to create reliable start networks in RS 485 DP networks. 

It has the functionality of 5 galvanic isolated transparent repeaters. This allows network structures with extended spur lines that individually can handle a maximum of 31 devices and a length equal to the main bus.
The ProfiHub A5 has the same functionality as the ProfiHub B5 (IP 20)

Create reliable, flexible and object oriented DP 
installations using the ProfiHub A5. 

The ProfiHub A5 is essential to obtain better control 
during maintenance and upgrading of the network. 

Product features
  • 5 Isolated repeater channels (6 segments)
  • Transparent for all PROFIBUS DP protocols
  • Suitable for PROFIsafe and MPI networks
  • 31 devices per channel
  • 9.6 Kbps – 12 Mbps
  • Max. 1200 m segment length (depends on baudrate)
  • Integrated termination facilities
  • Configurable grounding system
  • Glands or M12 connectors
  • IP 65 classification
Application areas
  • Dynamic spur lines to actuators, flow meters and pH analyzers
  • Star, tree and bus structured networks
  • Removable drives and motors
  • Outdoor applications with device and cable stress
  • Roof mounted devices in tank farms
  • Dirty and Humid environments
  • Barrier for non galvanic isolated equipment


Your benefits
  • Hot slave insertion/removal during operation
  • Short circuit protection on each channel.
  • Compact and robust construction.
  • On-board DB9 female connector for maintenance activities
  • Suitable for all DP cables
  • Conveniently arranged networks
  • Extendable installations
  • Cost savings.


Products Price Order code Description


ProfiHub A5

contact us 16010 Includes mounting set.


ProfiHub A5 
with 110V/230V 
power unit



110 VAC/230 VAC to 24 VDC power unit. Will be pre-mounted.



Ground rail


16011 The ground rail has to be mounted inside the casing to supply a common grounding area for all cable shielding. It improves the EMC behaviour and it supplies a good construction for vibrations. Not useable for capacitive grounding!


M12 female 
flange set


16012 Set of 5 pieces (female).
Pre-mounting of 
M12 flange set



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