NETILITIES – PROFINET diagnostic and engineering tool
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Netilities is a compact and efficient tool to support the user with his PROFINET engineering and troubleshooting tasks.

NETILITIES – PROFINET diagnostic and engineering tool

It generates a live list of the PROFINET/Ethernet network and spots the devices which are in Data Exchange. Statistics provide an overview of the network condition. A detailed report provides information about the reliability of the PROFINET network. 

Netilities utilizes the standard Ethernet/WLAN port on the PC or interfaces with a ProfiTap. 

Info fields are displayed to inform the user on actual network problems, like: device missing, double device names, double IP addresses, etc. The Statistics provide an overview over the cycle times, corrupted telegrams, data size, etc. 

Netilities is also used to set Device Names and IP addresses and export the detected devices to CSV. The LED test feature can visualize the targeted PROFINET device. The best performance of Netilities is achieved when the laptop is directly connected to the mirror port of a switch which is installed directly behind the PLC or other controller. 

The licensing and software storage is handled by a USB dongle. The dongle can be used on multiple PCs.

  • Realtime scan / Live List of the complete network.
  • Info panel for network problems (device missing, double addresses, etc.).
  • Statistics (cycle times, corrupted telegrams, data size, etc.).
  • Setting Device Names and IP numbers.
  • Topology scan based on SNMP.
  • PROFINET LED test.
  • Detailed reporting.
  • Suitable for other Ethernet systems.
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