Certified PROFIBUS Installer
SAR 3,500.00 per person
Certified PROFIBUS Installer

The Certified PROFIBUS Installer is an essential course for electrical engineers and technicians requiring skills in the installation and testing of complete PROFIBUS networks.

This course provides theoretical and practical training in PROFIBUS network technology using a hands-on approach. In most projects certification is a requirement for companies who are engaged in fieldbus installation. Certified PROFIBUS Installers are the first step to achieving reliable and trouble-free networks.

The Certified Installer course takes 2 days (including the exam). After passing the exam, the participant gets the title 'Certified Installer' and will be officially registered.

'Make sure you know the installation guidelines – Become a Certified PROFIBUS Installer!'


PROFIBUS technology

  • Masters and slaves
  • Token passing
  • Baudrates
  • Addressing
  • DP and PA


  • Technology of RS 485
  • Cable specifications
  • Topology (trunks/spurs)
  • DB9 and M12 connectors
  • Termination
  • Repeaters and Hubs


  • Technology of MBP
  • DP/PA couplers and links
  • Cable specifications
  • Topology (trunks/spurs)
  • Termination

Test- and measurement tools

  • Handheld tools 
  • Oscilloscopes
  •  Busmonitors


Transmission technology

  • Impedance
  • Delay times
  • Attenuation
  • Skin effect 
  • Reflections

Grounding and shielding 

  • External influences on the cable
  • IEC 61000-5-2
  • Grounding between cabinets 

Assembly guidelines

  • High voltage cables
  • Ferrules 
  • Static electricity (ESD)

Practical exercises

  • Assembling cable
  • Testing cable with a BT200
  • Bus statistics with ProfiTrace
  • Signal analysis with ProfiTrace







The participants will work with first class tools to do their practical exercises; ProfiTrace, BT200 and striptool. With these tools the participants will learn how to install and test a PROFIBUS installation.


ProfiTrace 2
BT200 handheld


Target audience

This course is intended for everyone who is responsible for PROFIBUS cabling, maintenance and testing.

Certified PROFIBUS Installer

  • Installers
  • Electriciens
  • Panel builders
  • Maintenance technicians

Hardware based


Certified PROFIBUS Engineer

  • Designers
  • Integrators
  • Programmers
  • Consultants
  • Management

Software and hardware based




There are no prerequisites for joining the course, however it's recommended that the attendee has knowledge about the following:

  • Terminology which is common in the industrial automation (PLC, remote I/O, etc.).
  • Terminology which is common in electrical engineering (resistance, voltage, etc.).
  • Capable of working with at least Windows XP.
Training methodology: Theory + practical exercises
Duration: 2 Days (9 AM – 5 PM)
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Other information

The participants will receive: a course book, CD-ROM, writing materials and a certificate (after passing the exam).
It is allowed to install ProfiTrace on your laptop and use it during the practical sessions.
A lunch is included on all course days and the exam day.
For more information about this training contact: PITC KSA (

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